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Stefano Scauzillo

Essedue comes from the idea of Stefano Scauzillo, manufacturer of eyewear, from his passion for design, high quality craftwork and beauty, with particular regard to art and fashion.

 Essedue eyewear is for enterprising men and women, free to desire the best in life.

The inspiration of Essedue’ collections is the Italian excellence in craftsmanship, combined with the attention to the contemporary design, to realize a comfortable eyewear.


The distinctive sign of every frame of Essedue, both optical and sunglasses, is the care for details, according to the high-quality standards of Italian artisanal production.

Design, colors choice and care of details are fundamental elements in the creation process of the Essedue eyewear.


For all the reasons above, every Essedue frame has a warranty certification, released by the Institute for the Protection of Italian Manufacturers with protocol number IT01. It/968.034.V, certifying that it is entirely produced in Italy by Essequadro, only with Italian materials.

Essequadro is effective member of the ANFAO: National Association of the Optical Articles Manufacturers.


Essedue come out from a 50-years family experience in the optical industry, with the purpose of integrating the Italian tradition with innovation, research and technology.

Every pair of Essedue’ frame goes through 72 phases for about 50 days of production before you can wear it. We use the latest machinery in the production process, while all the finishes are handmade, as tradition teaches.

The row material of Essedue is the cellulose acetate from leading Italian company Mazzucchelli 1949. The cellulose acetate is wholly plant derived, created from wood and cotton pulp. This extremely ductile material creates refined esthetical and colors effects.

“An eyewear should not only be beautiful, but even and above all comfortable. Creating the perfect mix of comfort and esthetical elements makes all the difference”.

“Ambition is the incentive for success, if the success you are looking for is not just an illusion”.

Stefano Scauzillo – CEO

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