Mazzucchelli Cellulose Acetate for Eyewear

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The Essedue glasses are made by cellulose acetate, which is product from Mazzucchelli 1849 a small factory created in 1849 for the production of combs which is now a global company. Mazzucchelli has a rich know-how, excellence in the production of cellulose acetate with an high technical and aesthetic content.

 cellulose acetate eyewear esseduesunglasses mazzucchelli

The colors chosen by Essedue’s designers for eyewear collections are the result of a meticulous research, from the harmony between color and spontaneity to the current trends. This choice looks at beautiful and genuine things, nature and its colors which represent our environment.

By colors we seek the authentic craftsmanship and design, which is able to explain time and space of ordinary life, environments, friendships, nature. The choice of colors is a selection about natural aspects.

What is cellulose acetate?

It is made by treating cellulose with acetic acid and acetic anhydride using catalysts (sulfuric acid). The cellulose triacetate has 62,5% of acetic acid combined, furthermore is soluble in the reaction of acids; it is put into the water, washed and dried. The compositions for molding of cellulose acetate are prepared with acetate flakes, plasticizers (10-70 parts), pigments and dyes, by mixing these ingredients in cylinder mixers, extruders or in closed mixer (Banbury) at temperatures between 175 ° C and 270 ° C.

cellulose acetate eyewear esseduesunglasses mazzucchelli

 The cellulose acetate has good properties of toughness and impact resistance; it is stable at room temperature and has good resistance to discoloration when it is exposed at sunlight. This material can be produced in a wide selection of colors, in transparent or translucent form. The field of applications is very broad including toys, sundries, household; in form of sheets, it is widely used in packaging, electrical insulation and belts. It is also used in large quantities for the production of photographic films not flammable.

cellulose acetate eyewear esseduesunglasses mazzucchelli


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