Essedue Sunglasses in an Italian Movie “La verità vi spiego sull’amore”

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Whenever they ask us to participate in films by offering our collections, we always do it with great pleasure. So it was for Poli Opposti, in 2015 with Luca Argentero and Sarah Felberbaum. With Bianco di Babbudoiu, in 2016, with Pino & Antibodies.

In this case, honestly, we really did it with enormous transport and pleasure. And the result is clearly visible from the images below. An exceptional collaboration between costume designers and our staff in search of the most suitable models for the screenplay. Beautiful pictures and shots, where the Essedue have given their great contribution to an Italian film. Worn with extreme elegance by the beautiful Giuliana De Sio, Ambra Angiolini and again by Carolina Crescentini. Good vision!

By ComingSoon, a nice review:

With brilliant colors, quick mounting and a moving camera, Max Croci respects the blog style that inspired the film and tells a story about characters and situations, focusing on the visually comical characters of women and sometimes overloading the Tell or to fragment it. In male characters, however, it follows the normal flow of life, and in the meantime it is questioned about love, without making a “tutorial” movie. Amber Angiolini speaks casually in the car and perfectly dominates the scene, an exquisitely and indisputably pop scene where the woman is celebrated. (Carola Proto)

3Carolina Crescentini con modello Star


Ambra Angioini e Carolina Crescentini con il modello Avenue


Ambra Angioini e Carolina Crescentini con il modello Avenue


Giuliana De Sio


Ambra Angioini


Carolina Crescentini

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