How to clean the glasses?

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For those who wear optical frames or sunglasses one of the most recurring and even more annoying is that of how to clean the glasses or precisely how to clean the lenses of the glasses.

Some questions about how to clean glasses lenses and, above all, how to do it without damaging them are also spontaneous. Naturally, these questions are followed by urban legends about imaginative and, at the same time, dangerous solutions for our glasses.

Let’s clear the field, therefore, regarding the lenses we use for the Essedue frames. As for eyeglasses are lenses of presentation, then, the optician of trust will mount you graduated lenses and lens cleaning you can follow the directions While, as regards the lenses of sunglasses of Essedue, they are in CR39, or polyalyl-diglycol-carbonate material (PADC):

The first commercial use of CR-39 monomer was to help create glass-reinforced plastic fuel tanks for the B-17 bomber aircraft in World War II, reducing weight and increasing range of the bomber. After the War, the Armorlite Lens Company in California is credited with manufacturing the first CR-39 eyeglass lenses in 1947. CR-39 plastic has an index of refraction of 1.498 and an Abbe number of 58. CR-39 is now a trade-marked product of PPG Industries. (Source Wikipedia)


Come pulire gli occhiali esseduesunglasses


  • The consequences of dirty lenses on the well-being of sight and on our eyes:
    • blurred vision and sometimes strange headaches;
    • little transparent lens causes the strain of the eye that is forced to focus forcibly;
    • increase in our visual defects.


  • How to clean Essedue glasses:
    • Microfibre antireflex, is too rigid, otherwise they create damage to the lens, neither too thin, otherwise they do not clean; the so-called “little pieces” found in the case is ideal for cleaning the lenses, at least twice a day, for at least a minute.
    • As an alternative, there are very useful prizes for the bag and the car.
    • Sometimes it is useful to use non-aggressive sprays.

Come pulire gli occhiali esseduesunglasses


  • Some tips to always have clean glasses and above all without scratches:
    • use lukewarm water and moisten the lenses, hot or cold water can damage the anti-reflection of the lenses;
    • try not to expose the glasses in the car for too long under the sun, especially in summer; the Essedue glasses could change slightly in shape, without damage, if it happened, being the frame of cellulose acetate, with slight movements on the same frame in the direction of the correct shape would resume precisely the original shape, the cellulose acetate has this virtue and guarantee: shine, flexibility and durability;
    • do not use detergents, if it happens it is essential that they have a neutral PH;
    • dry the lenses and the frame with a soft cotton cloth, not a towel and preferably a “pezzoline”, and never the paper or toilet paper napkins could irreparably damage the surface of the lenses;
    • last but not least: visit the trusted optician one or more times a year to sterilize the glasses by immersion in an ultrasound machine; in a few minutes the lenses will come back as new!


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