Maschera Visual Magazine, n. 0, March 2018 – Italy

Maschera / 21-04-2018 /#specialproject,



“Everything flows” is a life concept. It is also and above all an European thought. The philosopher Heraclitus starts from it to talk about life: Panta Rhei, “everything flows”, to say that “everything moves and nothing stands still”; it compares the existence to the flow of a river, he adds that “you could not enter twice in the same river”. Our life is a continuous becoming, constantly changing, nothing stands still. It is important to anticipate the change, foresee it and try to rule it. For some months now I have been meditating on this concept. Change, mutation, transformation, metamorphosis. Of course, I was referring it to my very own passion: the design of glasses and its possibilities for change and transformation. Our story has started with some distinctive and characterizing features that have allowed Essedue to burst into the market of independent brands. Strong of this identity, I felt that the river under my feet was flowing faster and faster and I said to myself: I want to mark a new path to follow the change and transformation. Hence the idea of metamorphosis (#Metamorphosis) was born. The change has not simply happened in the design and manufacture but also in the overall life of the Essedue brand; in the administration, production and communication. Therefore, Essedue is transforming and highlighting its identity. The collection we present has new colors, different fronts and temples which do not sacrifice either design, or comfort. Working hard we have created a collection that is accessible to everyone. Right from the concept of accessibility another leitmotif is born: “It’s Your Right” (#itsYourRight).  Last but not least, browsing this visual magazine you will be able to perceive the Essedue identity with a metaphorical name that refers to the eyewear: Mask. The turning point for me is the focus on a message that is extra-ordinary, on artistic and creative collaborations that – already from the campaign of the 2018 collection, realized by Peppe Tortora, creative director of Essedue – stimulate curiosity, throw an irreverent and unconventional message. Finally, from Mido we will celebrate “Il Tondo”, eyewear born from the collaboration of the architects Filomena Fusco and Giuseppe Mascolo and the prestigious “Feudi di San Gregorio”, a winery that has combined art, design and territory: Irpinia.

Stefano Scauzillo CEO and Designer



maschera esseduesunglasses peppe tortora

Lucia Allocca wears Scilla with her ex-boyfriend wears Revolver



The first collaboration on issue zero of Maschera could only belong to the Art Director of Essedue, Peppe Tortora. Known for his old school manners and cameras, Peppe is a true fine art photographer and video maker who was born in Naples. He possesses an irreverent way to see reality. A mix between fiction and real life. Shot in Irpinia, the hometown of Essedue, with the locals. That’s Peppe. After collaborating with himself, as both photographer and art director, now he feels ready to collaborate with word-class photographers. The standard has been set.

Francesco Festa Marketing Manager

maschera esseduesunglassesMr Mario Armonico with his wife Teresa, wearing Heritage and Talo

maschera esseduesunglassesTeresa wears Talo 

Lucia Allocca with her ex-boyfriend, wearing Alejandro  and Trash 

maschera esseduesunglasses

Romeo Scarpato wears Revolver 

Mr Temistocle Caro wears Strange with boxer, Romeo Scarpato 

maschera esseduesunglasses Dr Onorato with his daughter Camilla, wearing Parandro 

maschera esseduesunglassesLuisella wears Solution

Patrizia wears Valery

maschera esseduesunglassesAmanda wears Xandra

maschera esseduesunglassesRachelina wears Talo 

maschera esseduesunglassesGiulietta

maschera esseduesunglasses


maschera esseduesunglassesEdo



maschera esseduesunglassesGino

maschera esseduesunglassesAmanda wears Elsa model

maschera esseduesunglassesNunzia and his friend Franco, wearing Revolver and Noa


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