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Some tips to enjoy the comfort and beauty of a pair of ESSEDUE eyewear

The size of eyeglasses (see below) must adapt to the size of the customer’s face. On the inside of the page of the chosen model, there is on the bottom the voice “Additional Information” , where is possible to find the voice “Measure” with 3 numbers in millimeters , as shown, for example:

Lens Width: 51 – Bridge: 18 – Frame Side: 140

The Lens Width is the horizontal diameter of the circle. The bridge is the distance which are separating the two circles. In addition to the two measures caliber and bridge we are shown the temple length.


Description of the parts that make up a pair of eyeglasses

Frame : includes the two circles, the bridge and the end pieces.


Circles : rings or eyes are also known, their function is to contain the lenses in the correct position.


Bridge : is the part of the front that unites the two circles, also is indicated with the name “nose” because generally above the nasal bridge, can be single or have a double bridge typically located at the top circle limit.


Nose pade : are an extension of the bridge to allow the support of the frame on the nose of the wearer.


Musetti : are the front ends through the hinges connecting the auctions.

The important parameters that define the size of the eyeglasses are the caliber or the horizontal diameter of the circle and the bridge that is the distance separating the two circles. These two measures are stated in the auction or within the bridge (eg 50-17).

The elements that identify frames generally are indicated on the inside of the auction, in addition to the two measures caliber and bridge are shown the temple length (eg 135), the manufacturer, the design range, the model number and color.

Eyewear features

The eyewear in order to be functional must have specific characteristics. Maintaining the aligned lenses to the user’s eyes according to the criteria of ophthalmic optics, be comfortably fit (weight, pressure), meet the bearer from the aesthetic point of view.

The Frame rests on the face must be firm and comfortable, the points of contact with the skin should not be annoying and it is for this reason that the various designers and builders have to find the right compromise in the choice of design and materials to meet the needs listed.

The main parameter to select is the appropriate size relative to the user’s face.

Shape and dimensions of the bridge

Trim and temple length

Pantoscopic angle and winding.


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