Which material to choose for your eyeglasses?

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What is the relationship between the material with which the frame is made and the glasses to choose?

A question that, very often, is secondary to the aesthetic aspect of the frame. And there is no doubt that glasses are chosen for the beauty that they transmit to us and how they are on our faces. At the same time a lot of attention must be paid, in which material to choose for your frame, to the relationship between material and glasses.

This article is intended to offer you a practical guide on the merits and defects of different materials, first of all the most common on the market and those for everyone, thus excluding materials that are not very resistant, too expensive and that we would hardly wear (eg horn , wood, glass, plastic of various kinds produced in 3d).

When buying a pair of glasses, selecting the appropriate lens for our visual defects, we advise you to pay close attention to the frame. Shape, thickness, contours to check if the glasses are comfortable with our face and especially with the features and shapes of it.

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Eyeglass materials

It is not the subject of technicians, specialists, engineers or chemists, in truth this topic is at heart especially to those who wear eyeglasses to correct their visual defects. And therefore, depending on the material we choose for our glasses we can make the view more or less comfortable.

For example, during hot days, of that summer heat that does not allow us to breathe, wearing his pair of glasses with super thin lenses and a very heavy frame, that sun piercing, well, will beat even more, making it seem like everything heavy and unsustainable, with a heaviness on the nose that will not let us breathe even more. Or if you have very accentuated visual problems and use an ultra thin frame, your aesthetically preferred glasses will be deformed by the thickness and heaviness of the lenses, making that pair of glasses an unwatchable object on your face.

Here, seeing this is not at all pleasant. So, the frame should be chosen based on many factors, mainly the weight of the lens and then the comfort that can generate in wearing it at all times. Our pair of glasses is the most faithful friend, provided that it is chosen with criteria. Let’s see how.


The choice of material for your frame

There are three essential aspects for a frame to be perfect at all times.

  • Resistance. The most sought after characteristic is its resistance to falls and impacts, on the other hand the glasses are subjected daily to this type of stress. Nor can we avoid them if they are the most handled objects of our clothing or our accessories. Put, remove, lean, move, resume. These are gestures that can not be limited due to the irresistibility of the frame.
  • Compatibility with the skin. Allergies, intolerances, reactions are the order of the day, above all because of our lifestyle and that of our cities. And on this we can hardly intervene. Of course we can do it on what we wear, such as for example. the glasses. We can not complicate our life because of a pair of glasses that are inappropriate for the sensitivity of our skin and our eyes.
  • Lightness means comfort, wearability, suavity.

Here, these three characteristics, make attentions, are combined with the concept of quality glasses and Italians. And the Essedue glasses are frames made in an artisanal way through the passion and attention of hands and wisdom transmitted by craftsman to craftsman, with the aim of creating resistant, light and healthy frames, as well as beautiful and original.

Plastic frames

They are inexpensive frames, workable because flexible, even if they have a big defect, compared to lightness and healthiness, that is to say they are not resistant and then sin of brightness and brightness typical of other materials we will talk about later.


Cellulose acetate

Cellulose acetate – also known as artificial silk or viscose – is made from wood fiber or its waste, even if the excellent acetate is made from the resin and the living fibers of the bark trees of the Amazon trees.

A natural and lively product, in fact depending on the weather and the heat sources, changes its consistency, even if through its polishing and malleability it recovers its shape. e.g. when you happen with an Essedue eyewear go to your trusted optician and with two three touches, your glasses will come back again). The acetate guarantees a luster, a thinness and a unique resistance, in addition to the guarantee of healthiness being a natural product. At Essedue we also use Mazzucchelli cellulose acetate, which is processed in Italy.


eyeglasses frame material esseduesunglasses


The exclusivity of the acetate is the very low cost compared to the characteristics it guarantees: material that gives resistance to impacts, percussion and pressure and also to water. Designers prefer acetate to other materials because they maintain brightness and bright colors. For this, Essedue’s designers prefer cellulose acetate.


eyeglasses frame material esseduesunglasses


Metal frames

Metal is certainly a matter of ultra-strong and unbreakable.

The flaws are that metal alloys give processing problems and above all greatly reduce the ability of creativity and creativity, as well as the play of colors. Moreover, the metal glasses, although very thin, are not suitable for those who have big visual problems, whose lenses, even if worked, can not be mounted on this type of glasses.


eyeglasses frame material esseduesunglasses

The risk of allergies and other types of reactions is possible with non-certified metal frames. The frames of Essedue, on the other hand, are 100% guaranteed and are made with a high quality Italian Alpaca alloy.

The alpacca (also called silver or German silver) is a family of copper-zinc-nickel alloys, with 50-60% copper, 15-30% zinc and 10-30% nickel, with good mechanical and corrosion resistance. The presence of nickel improves these characteristics and gives the alloy an appearance very similar to that of silver. (Source Wikipedia)


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