#Essedue / The beauty of details worn by Federica of Malet Ottica Moderna

The beauty of Essedue Eyewear details worn by Federica of Malet Ottica Moderna.


We host with great pleasure some pics of our friends of Malet Ottica Moderna Pagani (SA) – Italy, of the young and passionate Antonio Serritiello.


Essedue Eyewear


Antonio is son of art. And also he is optician. Before He is a lover of beauty and a keen promoter of design spectacles. Therefore, this is the feeling between ESSEDUE and Malet Ottica Moderna.


Essedue Eyewear

(Federica Capaldo e Antonio Serritiello)

In this shooting edited by Luigi Montoro photographer, the beautiful Federica wears some models of UrbanCapsule, recognizable for the detail of different color on the front frame. A detail how a mole on his face, at a given point of the mouth, that gave to Marilyn Monroe an unmistakable charm. So the detail is something that further characterizes the beauty of the wearer a Essedue Eyewear by #UrbanCapsule.


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