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The term vintage usually indicates items that have maintained over time certain requirements (quality, functional or aesthetic) enough to be able still to represent the splendor of an era that has deeply affected some iconic traits of a particular historical moment of fashion, costume , design engaging and influencing current lifestyles.


Essedue Vintage Sunglasses

Generally, the vintage-style design is highly emotional since it belongs to the history of every man. The Vintage ESSEDUE Capsule was therefore designed with this emotion and this design style and strongly inspired by the retro trends in the use of certain colors, graphics, and technical characteristics.


Essedue Vintage SunglassesThe palette is refined and romantic vintage paint inspired by the colors “on the road” of Californian style: made up of metallic and urban colors and other Nordic colors
The metal inserts in the temples are extraordinarily flexible so as to ensure optimal comfort. Green and gray monochromatic lenses are perfectly in combined with the technical characteristics of the lenses: the external polarized and the interior antireflection offer excellent vision.


Essedue Vintage Sunglasses


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