#Essedue / Essedue Vintage – An eyewear with a soul

Essedue Vintage Sunglasses


The ESSEDUE glasses have thin rods, and even more, their lightness is guaranteed by metal inserts steel. The main characteristic of steel is in fact to keep memory of the shapes it assumes. By flexing the rods, they rest on the ears and conform to the width of the head, assuming and maintaining the size of the face. And these movements don’t deform the rods and the front.

In addition, the auction terminals are wide at the right point to lean and mold itself to the same head.

Well, this is an eyewear with a soul.


Essedue Vintage


Cool e trendy, questi occhiali da sole sono dotate di lenti a specchio e combinazioni di colori alla moda. Avanzata con protezione UVA / UVB, questi soli hanno primavera durevole cerniere che scongiurare brutto stiramento.

Essedue Vintage