Mido 2018, Febraury 24-26 || Vision Expo 2018, March 15-18

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Everybody should get the chance to wear
excellent quality Italian eyewear. 

ESSEDUE Handmade in Italy

See you to Mido in Milan, Feb 24-26
Hall 2 Booth M 37- N 42

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«Every person on earth has the right to wear quality and trendy glasses»

With these thirteen words, ESSEDUE promulgates its mission. In perfect antithesis with any adverse numerological symbology.

It goes without saying that our It’s Your Right soars to much more than just a claim. It becomes a proper mantra, and it consistently reminds us why we’ve decided to produce glasses.

ESSEDUE is metamorphosis and polychromy. Mutation and juxtaposition. Shape and color.

ESSEDUE is pop.
It is art.
It is nature.
It is food.

ESSEDUE is new wave.
It is impressionism.
It is photosynthesis.
It is ‘nu babà.

ESSEDUE is your right.

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