• Cloe Essedue women sunglasses cat-eye, Street Style Capsule collection, cateye sunglasses with lenses on cellulose acetate front of Mazzucchelli 1849

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  • - Patented snap hinge
    - Material: Light stainless steel
    - Individually adjustable

    Women sunglasses cat-eye

    Women sunglasses cat-eye of Street Style Capsule, very elegant, from regular shapes and cat, in order to enhance the lines of the female face.

    The construction of Cloe is particularly interesting: the sun lenses are mounted on the front in acetate, the lenses wrap around the face while returning a retro style and mysterious to the glasses. This is the innovation of the handcraft research Essedue.

    Cloe is very resistant and lightweight, thanks to acetate of Mazzucchelli 1849, makes it a real high quality Italian product

    Difficult  to be unnoticed with such a stylish and feminine eyewear.

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