• Essedue, model Miss, Women vintage sunglasses cat-eye , model  Street Style Capsule, Handmade in Italy by Essedue factory, Cellulose Acetate of Mazzucchelli 1849,

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  • - Patented snap hinge
    - Material: Light stainless steel
    - Individually adjustable

    Women vintage sunglasses cat-eye

    Miss model is a women vintage sunglasses cat-eye of Street Style Capsule. A vintage, evergreen, a classic of Italian women’s eyewear.

    The cat eye of acetate in cellulose Mazzucchelli 1849 has round lenses, so the eyewear acquires an unusual shape, but very charming.

    Extremely lightweight and durable eyewear, built by the excellence of Italian Essedue craftsmanship. The

    bridge is made of metal so as to make it even lighter.

    Ideal for the woman who loves retro style.



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Miss - 391 blue havana Miss - 475 bianco nero Miss - 476 miele Miss - 390 yellow green havana Miss - 291 transparent Miss - 227 yellow havana Miss - 104 black

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