3 reviews in the summer 2017 Kostara, Look Vision and MoMa Blog

Archive, Press / 04-08-2017 /

Vassia Kostara, traver blogger and stylist, writes on his blog, using a mix of impression of imagenes, clothes and sunglasses. In particular, she loves our CLOUD Model, an Aviator Vintage Sunglasses with blue lenses. In this travel, Vassia writes about the island of Kefalonia and Essedue:

“One of the best parts about designing your own clothes is that you get to style your outfits with designer accesories from all over the world, that will best compliment your outfit, giving it the means to perfection! Hats, jewellery, shoes, beach bags, scarfs and of course sunglasses are some of my summer essentials and I always choose each piece knowing I will be wearing it non-stop. Check out a great brand of sunglasses. Which travelled all the way from Italy, named Esse Due & found me at the beautiful island of Kefalonia!”

review of summer vassia kostara look vision esseduesunglasses

Another review, now of ALEGN model, is that of MOMA Style:

“If I think of the concept of ‘brand value’ I do not think of the super famous and prominent brands, but this is my form mentis. I believe our role as a blogger is to try to find out the alternatives to what we define fashion more by habit than real belief, and there is no other way to do it unless you tell the story and the Collections of these brands that we find to find out.”

And the third is an our friend. Look Vision Portugal, an eyewear Portugal newspaper, that interview Stefano Scauzillo.