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News / 20-01-2018 /#occhialidesign,

Amazing!! We are really excited by this wonderful news.

john esseduesunglasses spectr copenhagen specs


Spectr Copenhagen Specs esseduesunglasses

The Spectr commission chose us among the 20 winners out of 48 brands attending the Copenhagen Specs exhibition. It chose us thanks to the image of sunglasses, John, wearing by the model Daria Modica Amore, and photographed of Peppe Tortora.

Spectr is a magazine that we love and it talks about the eyewear world.





Copenhagen Specs is an eyewear exhibition dedicated to markets of north Europe that is becoming more and more important for the independent brands. It is an exhibition with an exclusive selection of the participant brands.




Spectr Copenhagen Specs esseduesunglasses


ESSEDUE is participating also this year with an important news: the beginning of the new distribution in Denmark and Scandinavia!

Spectr Copenhagen Specs esseduesunglasses


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